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Saturday, May 22, 2010

20:20:20 Update

Ok Guys, I know you've been hanging out to hear the results of today's weigh-in!  Whew was it busy there today, I think I like the compactness of my Thursday night meetings although they do clash with a boxing class that I'd like to start going too!  Will have to weigh that one up!

Anyway - enough babble!

The scales today announced a total loss of 1.1 kgs for the week, which was more than I was expecting so I am feeling rather chuffed and it meant I could change my ticker!

This week's success is mainly down to walking and water (note- not walking on water). I have really increased my water increase this week and I think its has been the key to controlling my hunger and flushing my system when I have something salty. The walking is really helping me to control my energy levels but I am ready for bed way earlier than normal - I guess that's a good thing! And I've definitely overcome the lack of mativation that I was suffering a few weeks ago!

My body is definitely changing.....weigh in was at 8 this morning so I didn't have time for breakfast, and I wanted to go for a swim afterwards, so scoffed down a sushi roll...it was the healthiest option around. The result was not good and I ended up throwing most of it up, even though I sat down to avoid eating and walking my body went into a little spasm (don't worry I made it to the bathroom) and I think that is a result of my focus on eating more slowly this week. Lesson learnt there!

I'm proud of myself for not letting that little episode become an reason to talk myself out of going for a swim...a few weeks ago it would have!  I went for my swim, but only did half...I wasn't enjoying at all - I was sharing the pool with the aqua-aerobics crowd and their instructirs voice was going stright through me and the sun on the pool was way too bright! Oh well am going back for Pilates experimentation this arvo so I don't feel like I've let myself down!


Deb said...

Yahooo! You should feel wonderful. I know that water makes an enormous difference. I must go back to drinking 2 litres of Sassy Water per day.
Grin for the rest of the day now!!

Lindsay said...

Yahoo!!! So happy for you.

Lucy said...

Wooot! You rock, you know that? xx

Myzdamena's World said...

Yeay you go girl!

LOL sun on the pool... that made me laugh as we don't usually have sun... the past few days we've HAD SOME.... and it's given me such a headache...

LOL moaning Brit :P


Carmen said...

Fabby job, congratulations :D I'd be interested how you find pilates. A couple of people have recommended it to me.


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