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Thursday, September 2, 2010

100 Posts and it's a Blog Hop!!

I Love Blogging!

I just really do!

I love having a little creative input to the world and being able to share myself with world, albeit shielded by my trust computer screen.

Blogging has been a HUGE help to me in staying focused, getting advice, feeling the love and stabilising the roller coaster that is my journey to a slimmer, healthier and more fantastic life!

It blows my mind that I followers from all over the world and these people care about what's going on with little old me!

I love reading the blogs that I follow and hope that my comments make someone's day a bit brighter, their journey easier to bear.

So thank you to everyone that has encouraged me with their comments and who has shared a part of their life with me!

Love Andrea

PS Below is a link to a Blog Hop run by Diminishing Lucy - one of the first blogs I started following! I think she is awesome xx


Mark said...

Hey, congrats on reaching the 100 post milestone!

I only recently found your blog, so it seems I have fair bit. Hopefully though, there is a lot more still to come :)

marinefreak said...

Well hello there Andrea :) I just wanted to say thanks for the comments that you have left me, they mean the world to me, and it makes my day even better when I know that people care about me.

Thanks (:

Lucy said...

Andrea, well done on 100 posts I think YOU are awesome.

Ali said...

andrea I love your blog and all of your support for me means so much. you always have the most beatiful things to say. I share your love of Lucy's blog as well. She is awesome and was the reason I started blogging as well xo

Andrea said...

Mark - Thank you! I hope there is more to come too!

Kevin - you are WELCOME! I really like your blog!

Luce and Ali - I think we are all on each other Mutual Appreciation Committee and I love it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 100 posts! I still have a long way to get there. LOL Love your blog! :)


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