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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Foughts (Thoughts)!!

I really like this guy...Craig Harper!! I don't often comment on his blogs but I always read them and goddammit he always makes sense.

Have a read of his post today...Craig Harper....I have fallen into this trap a few times, couldn't exercise without my ipod, fancy food and supplements etc, but now I just try to keep it simple.  I get my protein from natural sources, I walk and move as much as I can and I've cancelled my dusty gym  membership.

I like him because he's an Aussie and he speaks with that Aussie no bullshit approach.  I think he genuinely cares about improving the lives of others.

I'm not big into seminars and alike, but I am keen to do one of his if he comes to Bris Vegas!

Have a read and let me know what you think about getting back to basics!


Lucy said...

He makes SUCH a valid point, love it!

Linda said...

I've been two two of his weekend things (not the most recent one though) and have found them useful.


Finding Foxy said...

I love Craig, I am hanging to go see him next time he swings past Brissy!


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