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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Want to be in the Cool Gang! (Blog Comments)

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I have been thinking a great deal about blog comments lately. 

Since returning from my self-enforced blogging hiatus (new job, finishing uni, getting hitched, lost smartphone) I have hardly received any comments or any new followers (not surprised at this one because I haven't been pimping myself on other blogs except for the odd comment here and there).  Lucy yes, I have received yours - thank you for always having a kind word).

This lack of comments makes me wonder how many readers or active followers do I actually have? Followed by asking myself how much do they mean, am I putting too much stock in them, is my writing self-esteem directly to the amount or quality of comments that I receive?

Then I look at some of the really famous blogs that I follow (Diminishing Lucy, Wanderlust, Suger Coat It - to name a few) and I wonder how on earth do they keep up with the number of comments and responses their fabulous posts receive? 

This leads me to admit that if I'm not in the first five or ten people to comment I don't often bother, because quite often they all start to sound the same and I don't want to write anything that might come across as insincere and joining in to be part of the crowd.

But then Hello! I do want to be part of the crowd.

I want to be part of that cool gang that is inspired to write everyday despite also juggling the balls of work, motherhood, wifeliness etc etc.

I want to be part of that cool gang who inspire even just a few through their finely constructed words.

I want to be part of the cool gang that meets up in person with their new bloggy friends.

But ultimately I want to be part of the cool gang who gets more than a few fuzzy comments!


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Sarah G said...

I am an active reader just not a very active commenter. :)

Diminishing Lucy said...

First of all, it goes through fits and stages. Sometimes I get zip nadda natch comments. There are a LOT of blogs out there scoring a zillion comments for quite crappily written posts, so there is no apparent rhyme or reason behind volume of blog comments.

Secondly, thank you for linking to me - there are a whole lot of other much more "famous" blogs out there!

I have a LOT of people who just read and never comment. I also have a lot who email me directly instead of commenting publicly. Others might read via FB and "like" it. Or comment via Twitter.

So volume of comments is only one measure.

Do you enjoy writing every day? Do you enjoy commenting yourself every day? That's key.


Wanderlust said...

Hi Andrea, first of all, I'm tickled that you consider me a 'famous' blog. Wow. I'm just another overworked mom plugging away.

I have had less time to read and comment on other blogs lately and I've noticed a decline in comments on my blog as well. To stay engaged and connected with the ever-growing community of bloggers out there, it's a LOT of work. Lots of time and energy. I would love to do more, but I simply don't have the time. One day, I hope to rearrange my priorities so I have enough time for my kids and my writing/connecting, both of which are so important to me. But for now, I have competing responsibilities.

I have to say though, that every time you comment it makes me smile. It doesn't matter how many or how few comments a post gets, all of them make me feel good, because they feel like a connection.

Keep at it, do it at your own pace and stay focused on why you are blogging. There will be hills and valleys in terms of readership. That is true of all of us. But please don't think that because someone doesn't comment, it means they don't care. I think we are all just struggling to find our balance and manage to get it all done. x

Andrea said...

Thanks Sarah - good to know you are out there!!

Andrea said...

Lucy and Kirsten - you say it so so well - thank you for your thoughts and letting me know how it is! Yet again you both put it so eloquently xx

lyndaal said...

your honesty is refreshing! thanks!

Nicole said...

Ahh, the infamous topic so many think but don't post.

I hear you xx

Melissa {Suger} said...

Heya. I followed a link in my blog stats over here. It turns out, I've been here before. Probably from Lucy's blog. We share a common love there.

Thank you for the mention. OMG. Seriously, so not famous. just doing my thing. Trust me, most days I feel like a numpty. ;)

I agree with the big gun bloggers above, do it if you enjoy it. But yes, regularity will help people build a relationship with you. But regular weekly posts, monthly posts are regular too.

And seriously, there's nothing like a where are the commenter's post to bring out the commenter's. Sometimes, we all need to know there is someone out there.

Big love to you. The blog is great. Build it and they will come. So now, be patient, they will come. xo


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