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Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Update on My Problem with Alcohol

Back in March I wrote a pretty open and frank post about My Problem With Alcohol and well since then I reckon I had been doing ok.  I haven't written myself off in ages!! I had been showing a level of control.  I'm particularly proud to say that I got through my wedding and hen's night without a vomit in sight and I can remember most of both wonderful nights!

I posted that post over at Lucy's Weekend Rewind because I need reminding of how far I have come.

Friday night was an epic fail.

Work Christmas Party!

I wasn't going to go! I knew I would be "that" person! And yes I was.  I won't go into detail, I feel embarassed enough.

Needless to say I'm not feeling very proud of myself and am determined to get this thing under control again!

1 comment:

Diminishing Lucy said...

I am going to tell you that as soon as you have had one hangover with children, you will then be totally cured.

All the more reason to have babies...

Hugs to you. xx


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