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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The whole shack shimmied!!

It has no relation to my post, by Love Shack by the B52's is on the radio and I love that line it!

Lots of random thoughts today...I don't know where to start.

Weigh-in tonight - not sure how I'll go. I'm definitely toning, but I haven't stuck to points once this week but have walked 6.5kms twice this week and even manged to sneak a couple of short running bursts in there. I'm officially addicted to it now (even went without my buddy last night)- I've come a long way from the lack of motivation I had a few weeks ago.

Finding it hard to not have a vino or too when I get home from work....its nice hanging out in our new space chatting and cooking and making it ours.

Still working on the mental side of things. I've noticed that I don't compare myself to models or actresses that much, but I do compare myself to people I know who I think are "normal" sized - especially when I'm the only fat one in group photos. Oh well not for long!

Oh yeah I almost forgot - Today I am wearing the dress that prompted this wonderful process - In Feb it was too tight and gave me the kick up the kiester I needed - today it is positively baggy ;-)

What are you guys thinking about today?


~Jess Jess~ said...

I was thinking about the milkshake I avoiding buying myself knowing that it wouldn't do me any good and looking forward to making a nice dinner :)

Ali said...

Yay on the baggy dress!!! good luck tonight for the weigh in!
I am thinking about all the inspiration I am gathering from amazing blogs I am reading.

Andrea said...

Well done Jess! I was craving salt & vinegar chips, I gave in but only had half a bag and put the rest away for the next craving xx

Ali - I know blogging's a great way to stay inspired!

Myzdamena's World said...

Yeay for that baggy dress!!!!

It's great when that happens isn't it?

Do they do salt and vinegar snackajacks where you are? They taste like cardboard a bit but like salt and vinegar cardbaord and are better than crisps lol

*hugs* and good luck!

Gail xxx

Traci said...

How fun that your dress is baggy! That just shows you all of the hard work you have been doing. Great job!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

Kinda makes me wonder if the Fat2Fit bloghop circle should engage in a bit of a clothing swap....

Hungry For Living said...

Great site! Im here from the Blog Hop! Hope to see you soon!


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