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Saturday, June 26, 2010


What a week!

I have had the most amazing week!

Weight wise, I loss 100g and I am wrapt! It means that even though I cut loss last week I reigned myself in so I didn't pay this week.

I took part in a sales team conference with work and came out with renewed passion and excitement, with lots of ideas for future career direction etc. It was a great reminder of how fantastic the people I work with are!

Caught up with lots of friends AND

We have a new kitchen!!!!!!!!!! There are a few finishing touches to be made and I will post some before and after shots for you once they are done!

PS I hope you like the refresh!


LizH, said...

You go girl!! Its great when it all comes together.

Exciting news about the new kitchen! I am very jealous ours was done about 9 years ago and is very functional but the latest kitchen fittings are very stylish. I am looking forward to see the before and after shots.

Lucy said...

Oh, you sound very up!

Love the news, love the refresh!

Deb said...

We've all been refreshing lately. Looks good!
New kitchen sounds exciting. Photos please!!
Great to read all your positivity.

Lulu said...

Sick with jealously on the new kitchen - and I LOVE your new look, it's so fresh!


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