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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I had a realisation today...not quite an epiphany but a definite realisation of how hard all this weight I'm carrying around is making my life!

We had another glorious morning here and I met my girlfriend and her baby at our local markets for brekky and a catch up.  Baby got restless in the pram and mum wanted to shop so yours truly offered to carry her for a bit!

Whoa it didn't take long for her to get heavy (you mumma's are probably laughing now) and when I asked how much baby weighs, her mum said 8.5 kilos...this is where it hit me!!

Weight for it (sorry about the pun!)

"Sh*t, F*ck" I thought - "That's less than I have lost, and its taken me less than 20 minutes to get over hanging onto it" (no offence baby). Then it really put into prespective that I still have about 40 kilos to get rid of - that's over 4 and half babies of the same size!

My life is going to be AMAZING and so much EASIER then!



CJ said...

Ha ha ! Funny but true :) Even losing a mere 5 kilos makes you feel so light!

Lucy said...

When I lift Charlie (who weighs 24kg) and Lexie (who weighs 15kg) - when I lift them uo together into my arms it SHOCKS me at how heavy that 39kg is. Frightens me half to death that I used to carry that around..........

Fat Girl vs. World said...

Have you ever seen this list?

The whole weight loss process becomes weird when you say that you want to lose an elephant's heart.

Deb said...

I laughed when I saw your post cos I had a similar moment today. I was straining and struggling with my suitcase when we were leaving Perth today, then stopped a laughed when I realized that it was 24 kg which is the weight I've lost. Actually, it was only partly funny. Mostly bloody scary!!
Working hard to catch up on blogs since I got home. Yours was one of the first! Will post a photo in the morning of my lovely coffee date with Kylie.

Anonymous said...

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