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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Andrea (A Letter to Myself)

Dear Andrea,

This letter is to tell you that I am so proud of you! Your mind and body are so strong and you have proved that you can make changes in order improve your health, attitude and emotional state.

I know you are feeling frustrated career wise at the moment, but remember you are an intelligent and wonderful human being and you really must back yourself and believe that you can make a change.

You know your favorite saying is "Whatever decision you make will turn out for the best, because you make sure they do" and I think this is the time to really start making decisions about what is best for you over the next couple of years.

Every day you tell yourself to write down the reasons for the healthy changes your are making, so come on what are they?

Ok I'll tell you......

1. Your health
2. To be healthy and energetic
3. To start a family
4. For a better attitude and mental state
5. So you can buy nice clothes

And most important of all....so your outside matches your beautiful inside!

My darling, you deserve the best in life and not to miss out on ANYTHING! This is your chance now to embrace the momentum you have created and carve yourself the most beautiful life, full of friends, family, love and laughter.

Go forth my girl and show yourself what you're made of!!

Love always,
You xx

PS - You will be HOT!!!


Lucy said...

Believe it. (And you are hot already.) xx

Lucy said...

Believe it. (And you are hot already.) xx

Lucy said...

So hot, I had to repeat myself.

Ali said...

And I will repeat what lucy said as well just so that you really know it "You are hot already"!

You are doing so well and you do deserve the best. xo

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

Andrea, that is one of the best love letters that I've read! Rock-n-rolla, girl!

Andrea said...

Shucks Thanks Guys **blush**


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