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Saturday, August 7, 2010


After writing that letter last night I did a lot of reflecting and that old bag "self-doubt" and her bitchy friend "self-criticism" started to try and worm their way in.

They started to try and remind me of the mistakes I have made, of times when I haven't treated myself well and times I didn't behaved in ways that make me proud. They tried to make me question if I really can change and be the person I want to be!

Why do we do that to ourselves?  How do we deal with those cows?

 I only want the beautiful 'self-confidence' and 'self-love' in my life, I want only them pushing me forward, encouraging me to treat myself right and guiding me away from the evil ones mentioned above.

I worked through it by embracing those thoughts and telling myself that time when I wasn't doing the right thing was because I was still learning about life, about myself and getting some things out of my system.  I tell myself that I have learnt from it and while those days are part of who I am, they are the dirt beneath the foundation....now I am building that foundation, putting the posts in place and cementing over the top of the crap.  Slowly and surely I am building a beautiful home for my soul and I can't wait to decorate it!!

How do you deal with those evil little bugs that try to undermine your good work?

PS - Weigh-in update - stayed the same this week :-)


Lulu said...

I tell them to shut the fuck up.


Lucy said...

I out walk them......but it is hard some days.....

Andrea said...

lol - love it Lulu!

Luce - that may be a good method to get me running!!

Ali said...

THose evil bugs have tried to sabotage me as well. Sometimes they do a little bit but I make sure that I come back fighting twice as hard before they do to much damage. I will win in the ends because I am stronger and I believe that I can just liek I believe you can fight them off. Staying the same is good as well. I have put on 500grams. Havent felt like posting about it just yet! LOL!

CJ said...

Kick'em hard in the ass!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

This may sound clazy, but maybe try facing 'em and then embracing them because they are a part of you; the good, bad, and ugly, blah-blah...get 'em on the good side of things where pretty soon they will even have doubts :)

I know - I'm reachin'...but man oh livin', the other stuff seems to challenge 'em even more and then they converge on ya more powerful than ever....Anyhow that is how it is with me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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