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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Week - I want my energy back!!

I have been re-reading Dr John Tickell's book "The Great Australian Diet 2" and have decided that once all the fanfare of the festive season is over that I will give it a red hot shot.

Now in saying this I realise that:
  1.  I'm not very good at hugely dramatic changes, and 
  2.  Two weeks before Christmas is not really the ideal time to be overhauling ones eating habits.
So what I have done is start to incorporate some of Dr John's suggestion into my eating.

I really like his idea of eating less foods that are high in HI (Human Interference). With this in mind I have stocked up on fruit and veg and everytime I want a lolly or a biscuit I have a few bit size pieces of fruit. I have been making some sensational smoothies for breakfast in addition to a piece of toast and a poached egg - I'll have mine extra soft please!

Lunch has been chicken and salad, but I make my own dressing - something different everyday and NO chemicals!!  Dinner is veg or salad and a small piece of meat. Though we treated ourselves to sushi the other night. And I have had a glass of wine here and there though I find myself feeling more like a run instead!!

We ae doggie sitting so its been fairly easy to get in a couple of walks everyday!

I definitely noticed that I had more energy earlier in the week; which is great because my job has just become a hell of a lot more hectic (I love it), my self-esteem has improved (no more depressing thoughts), I'm craving healthy food, not junk and I am having some strange dreams - usually loosely based on something I have seen on the news (I EVEN had one where I was having sex with my husband!!).

However yesterday and today I feel like I am hungover, despite having hardly anything to drink. Last night I was in bed until 7.30pm and slept through till 6am! Very unusual as I'm a 7 to 8 hour tops kind of girl!!  I just feel tired, I want to do stuff but am really struggling to haul my ass of the couch!!

I hope its just my body getting used to this new routine and not something more sinister! I want my energy back!


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