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Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 kilos Gone Baby Gone - Progress Pics!

I think I can definitely see a difference!! I definitely look happier!

April 10 - After 5 kilos

15 Aug 10 - 10 Kilos gone!!


Deb said...

Yes there really is a difference! Look at the gap between your arms and stomach in the latest photo. Your tummy doesn't go out to meet your arms any more! Love the grin too.

M said...

WOW there is a huge difference...Keep up the good work

kazz said...

yep definite difference...your getting a waist :) Well done

kazz =]

Bec's Adventure said...

You look wonderful and there is a definite difference. Well done!!!

CJ said...

There is a huge difference! You look great! Keep going strong

LizH, said...

Looking fantastic! I can see a HUGE difference most noticeable in your face and waist!!

Andrea said...

Thanks Guys I am loving your words!!

Amelia said...

Congrats on the weight loss so far. I can definitely see a difference..way to go!!!

Ali said...

WOW!!! There is a massive difference!!!!! You are doing so well. I bet you can feel a big difference with just the things that you are able to do with being 10kg less than you started at as well. Loving your work! xo

Myzdamena's World said...

Ooh you look fabby!

More definition around the waist and you seem to have developed a huuuuge smile! :)

Well done!

Gail xxx

Carmen said...

What a difference! Brilliant piccies, really well done :D


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