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Friday, August 20, 2010

.8 is Great!!!

Weigh in last night and was really chuffed with a loss of .8!  Even more chuffed because for the last couple of weeks I have been weighing in on Saturdays, so technically it was only 5 days in between weigh-ins! Could I have lost another 200g in 2 days and make it a nice round kilo - who cares!

I made a couple of changes this week, taking raw vegies and boiled eggs to work for snacking on - I definitely feel fuller and the "need" for processed foods in lessening!

We are going to NZ in 7-8 weeks for my Grandma's 90th! I'm a bit excited about seeing all my relatives again, its going to be a bit of a reunion and a heap of us from Oz are going. Best of all its given me an event to use as motivation - My goal is to be under 100 kilos by then! So stay tuned for the next exciting chapter as my fat suit shrinks!!

PS - Do you have any good breakfast ideas? They need to be easy and transportable - I tend to stick to vegemite on toast and think I need to add some nutrients in to start the day


Deb said...

Well done!! .8 really is great.
Breakfast - I'd get too hungry on marmite toast. I have cereal with fresh fruit (often blueberries & banana) and skim milk. I like Raisin Bran cereal.
Enjoy NZ in your skinny suit...

Lucy said...

Well done!
My brekky is always a protein shake and a banana. Or dry cereal like sultana bran...


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