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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Danger Danger High Voltage!

I woke up to a beautiful sunny BrisVegas morning and decided I go for a walk around the block...my usual route takes about 30 minutes normally so I tacked on what I thought would be another 20 minutes.

About ten minutes in I started suffering excrutiating shin splints but I was determined to keep going and walk for an hour (or as close to as possible)... I turned up my ipod in order to silence my screaming shins and concentrated on shaking it all night long with ACDC (yes I'm a bogan at heart), pouring some sugar on me with Def Leppard, living it up with Mental as Anything and Superstylin' with Groove Armada.

Before I knew it I was back at home and I'd only been gone for 35 minutes - no wonder my shins were crying I must have been bloody powering it. Then something weird happened...I started doing lunges, squats, sit-ups and curls - WHO IS THIS PERSON?? I'M OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

Oh and -yeah, we went to vote and of course the token sausage sizzle was there - it smelt sooooooooo good and I bought lovely boyfriend one, but I declined! A man we were chatting to even commented and I said "I'm watching what I eat", he said he does too...watches it go in his mouth...lol!

As I sit here writing I am wondering has something finally clicked, is thing weight loss/health gig finally sinking into my subconscious?  Am I finally able to make good decisions without the battle in my head? Are the changes here for good?

PS - How corny is this - I got goosebumps at the polling booth, it almost made me a little teary, watching all the different people I couldn't help but think this is really the only time the whole nation comes together to take action and really make a difference!



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