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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sleepy Surbuban Sunday - Not!!! My brush with the Law!!

Do I have an exciting (non weight-loss) story for you today!!

It was just after 8, I'd fed the cats and made myself a cuppa and a bit of toast and I was sitting on the lounge, with my feet in slippers on the coffee table, morning sun streaming into the lounge room while I was trying to ascertain if we have a new PM or not.

I look outside to see what the fur-babies are up to and low and behold I see a police car parked out the front of my neighbour's house and a policeman is knocking on her door. My first thought is that I hope everything is ok and she's not getting one of those horrible death knocks.  I soon figure out it's not as the policeman is looking at a policewoman who's doing the same thing on our side of the street.  The neighbour (who's house I can see isn't home) and the policeman starts to leave...I have to admit at this stage I'm a bit panicky because I look like shit, I'm in my mis-matching pj's, my eyes are puffy and there is glitter all over my face from last night's party, I mean I could go and get sorted but that might mean missing some of the action!  

Time passes and there was no knock for my front, but can I tell you the curiosity was killing me - especially when two new police cars drove pass - 3 police cars in 10 minutes - something serious is happening!!!

I should point out that I live smack bang in the middle of working class surburbia, its a lovely, quiet area mixed with young familes, older families and empty nesters - we all talk and keep an eye out for each other, borrow an iron, help unload furniture, share our recycling bins and gardening tips that type of community thing, there's never much noise after 8pm or before 7.....so there really was a drama going down!!

It seemed that I wasn't going to find out what was happening in a hurry so I went about my day, house working and getting the day's meals organised. I started to hang some washing on the line when.... (I swear I felt like an extra in Blue Heelers)....a policeman and his police dog came over my back fence (its about waist height) and into my yard!!! Ooooh how exciting! I said "Is everything alright?" and he said "We're looking for a guy that's wanted by the police, has anyone been through here lately?" ...."Not that I know of I said" as he raced off.

I then started chatting to one the neighbours who backs onto us. He told me that a couple of doors up from him (which corners onto our place) there were a stack of police and detectives there, I know a bunch of young guys live there, they have a few parties, but they have never bothered me much!  Lovely boyfriend reckons its drugs (of course) and told me off for just letting the policeman in (apparently he was supposed to ask) - I was just disappointed that it wasn't Josh or Lawson (from Rush) but at least I was dressed this time!!


LizH, said...

Wow no quiet Sunday for you Andrea!!Had something similar happen to us several years back and it turned out our very nice next door neighbours had been running a drug house, it all came to a head with police helicopters and riot police and I live in a quiet suburban cul de sac!!

My lamb shanks were delicious hope you are enjoying yours!!

Deb said...

Any more neighbourhood gossip for us?? Loved your story.

Catherine F. said...

But the question is ..... were you still in your jammies?

Andrea said...

At the clothes line - NO thank God!!

adventure grrl said...

OMG! LOL, just wanted to stop by and say hi!


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