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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Week - I want my energy back!!

I have been re-reading Dr John Tickell's book "The Great Australian Diet 2" and have decided that once all the fanfare of the festive season is over that I will give it a red hot shot.

Now in saying this I realise that:
  1.  I'm not very good at hugely dramatic changes, and 
  2.  Two weeks before Christmas is not really the ideal time to be overhauling ones eating habits.
So what I have done is start to incorporate some of Dr John's suggestion into my eating.

I really like his idea of eating less foods that are high in HI (Human Interference). With this in mind I have stocked up on fruit and veg and everytime I want a lolly or a biscuit I have a few bit size pieces of fruit. I have been making some sensational smoothies for breakfast in addition to a piece of toast and a poached egg - I'll have mine extra soft please!

Lunch has been chicken and salad, but I make my own dressing - something different everyday and NO chemicals!!  Dinner is veg or salad and a small piece of meat. Though we treated ourselves to sushi the other night. And I have had a glass of wine here and there though I find myself feeling more like a run instead!!

We ae doggie sitting so its been fairly easy to get in a couple of walks everyday!

I definitely noticed that I had more energy earlier in the week; which is great because my job has just become a hell of a lot more hectic (I love it), my self-esteem has improved (no more depressing thoughts), I'm craving healthy food, not junk and I am having some strange dreams - usually loosely based on something I have seen on the news (I EVEN had one where I was having sex with my husband!!).

However yesterday and today I feel like I am hungover, despite having hardly anything to drink. Last night I was in bed until 7.30pm and slept through till 6am! Very unusual as I'm a 7 to 8 hour tops kind of girl!!  I just feel tired, I want to do stuff but am really struggling to haul my ass of the couch!!

I hope its just my body getting used to this new routine and not something more sinister! I want my energy back!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fuck! I'm Fat Again!!

Image borrowed from Here

Thursday, just gone, the red Cross Blood Mobile was outside my work.  I hadn't donated in a while and thought it would be a good idea.

So when it was time for my appointment I filled in my paperwork and waited for a chair to become available.

My time came.

I entered the van and the nurse said, hop on the scales and someone will be with you in a minute.



I had totally forgotten that you had to be weighed before donating.

Ok so I hope by now you have the idea that I REALLY didn't like the number that I saw!!

Please don't think that I have been kidding myself!  I've known the creep has been upon me the last few months, I've noticed my clothes getting tighter and my wardrobe options getting smaller, I've been tired and struggling to get out bed in the morning.  I've been a bit depressed, down on myself and comparing myself to the unattainable.

Anyway, I know the number (maybe I'll tell you one day) and have made the decision that it won't get any higher.

So even though it was Friday (and most diets start on a Monday - I'm not dieting - I'm getting off that roller coaster) I have started refocusing. I packed my walking shoes and did a walk after work (I got off the bus early and walked at lunch too), I was as selective as I could be with my food - I wasn't as good as I could have been.  Today I've made a fruit platter for grazing and picking!

Everything little thing helps!

PS - I haven't had a drink all week!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Questions I've Been Asked Since Getting Married

We had a great wedding car hey?

I've been asked a range of questions, which all seem pretty standard in terms of what newlyweds are asked.

Here is a selection and what answers I wish I had the guts to give (disclaimer - answers not necessarily true).

Q.  How's married life treating you?
A1. Shit really, I wish I had stayed single, the only good part is the party and extra jewellery. (wishful)
A2. Oh its great we hardly stop shagging. (wishful)

Q. Are you pregnant yet?
A1. Fuck me do you think a wedding is all it takes? (wishful)
A2. No are you? (wishful) - think I'll start using this one?

Q. Are you going to change your name?
A. No. (true)

Q. Are you one of those modern women?
A. Yes, but more than that I like my name. (true)

Q. What if you have kids?
A. What if I don't? (wishful)

Q. Have you kept your wedding dress?
A. Ah yeah (true)

What weird or frustrating questions came your way after tieing the not?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Want to be in the Cool Gang! (Blog Comments)

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I have been thinking a great deal about blog comments lately. 

Since returning from my self-enforced blogging hiatus (new job, finishing uni, getting hitched, lost smartphone) I have hardly received any comments or any new followers (not surprised at this one because I haven't been pimping myself on other blogs except for the odd comment here and there).  Lucy yes, I have received yours - thank you for always having a kind word).

This lack of comments makes me wonder how many readers or active followers do I actually have? Followed by asking myself how much do they mean, am I putting too much stock in them, is my writing self-esteem directly to the amount or quality of comments that I receive?

Then I look at some of the really famous blogs that I follow (Diminishing Lucy, Wanderlust, Suger Coat It - to name a few) and I wonder how on earth do they keep up with the number of comments and responses their fabulous posts receive? 

This leads me to admit that if I'm not in the first five or ten people to comment I don't often bother, because quite often they all start to sound the same and I don't want to write anything that might come across as insincere and joining in to be part of the crowd.

But then Hello! I do want to be part of the crowd.

I want to be part of that cool gang that is inspired to write everyday despite also juggling the balls of work, motherhood, wifeliness etc etc.

I want to be part of that cool gang who inspire even just a few through their finely constructed words.

I want to be part of the cool gang that meets up in person with their new bloggy friends.

But ultimately I want to be part of the cool gang who gets more than a few fuzzy comments!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Update on My Problem with Alcohol

Back in March I wrote a pretty open and frank post about My Problem With Alcohol and well since then I reckon I had been doing ok.  I haven't written myself off in ages!! I had been showing a level of control.  I'm particularly proud to say that I got through my wedding and hen's night without a vomit in sight and I can remember most of both wonderful nights!

I posted that post over at Lucy's Weekend Rewind because I need reminding of how far I have come.

Friday night was an epic fail.

Work Christmas Party!

I wasn't going to go! I knew I would be "that" person! And yes I was.  I won't go into detail, I feel embarassed enough.

Needless to say I'm not feeling very proud of myself and am determined to get this thing under control again!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I Lost My iPhone!

Image borrowed from Here
Yeah - I know can you believe it?

And it was the night before my wedding. Could have been a nightmare - but I'd written all the important numbers down!

Long story - and it all happened because I was stewing on something that really doesn't matter anymore!

I could have really lost the plot but I kind of had bigger things to think about that day.

I haven't replaced it yet, I've gone back to my old Nokia.

I really loved my iPhone, but I don't miss it so much anymore.

I've realised how much of a time zapper it is.  Since losing it I'm reading more, cooking more, writing more and being social (in person) more.

I no longer crave updating my facebook status, or checking my emails before getting out of bed.  I watch the news if I want to know what the weather is doing and I use a camera to take a photo!  I am no longer glued to "Bejeweled", "Words with Friends" or "Ebay"!

What would do a little more of and a little less of if you no longer had technology at your fingertips?

PS - As I write this I realise that I do prefer life with an iPhone and would not say no to a new one Santa ! xx

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex

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I am reading Mia Culpa by Mia Freedman and she makes some interesting observations about how people talk about sex.

I used to talk about sex ALL the time, probably because I actually got very little or because the little I did get was limited to one night stands or bootie calls.  I reflect on this time (my twenties & if I'm honest early thirties) and I think I talked about it and turned my sexcapades in tales of adventure and hilarity in order to hide the feelings of worthlessness and being used that I really felt, the ones that hit faster than you put your knickers back on!

That post-orgasm glow disappeared with the smoke if the post-coital cigarette and I turned it into something to be laughed at, to be shrieked and humour was to become my shield.

I don't talk about sex so much now.  I can't help but wonder why. Even when my friends bring it up, I turn all prudish and don't feel the need to discuss, have I moved to a different stage of life?  That stage where I don't feel the need to broadcast the details to anyone who will listen. Is it because I have a man who loves me for me, that doesn't only want me just to scratch that itch?  Or have I just become boring?

How has the way you talk about sex changed as you get older or your relationships change?


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