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Friday, December 9, 2011

Questions I've Been Asked Since Getting Married

We had a great wedding car hey?

I've been asked a range of questions, which all seem pretty standard in terms of what newlyweds are asked.

Here is a selection and what answers I wish I had the guts to give (disclaimer - answers not necessarily true).

Q.  How's married life treating you?
A1. Shit really, I wish I had stayed single, the only good part is the party and extra jewellery. (wishful)
A2. Oh its great we hardly stop shagging. (wishful)

Q. Are you pregnant yet?
A1. Fuck me do you think a wedding is all it takes? (wishful)
A2. No are you? (wishful) - think I'll start using this one?

Q. Are you going to change your name?
A. No. (true)

Q. Are you one of those modern women?
A. Yes, but more than that I like my name. (true)

Q. What if you have kids?
A. What if I don't? (wishful)

Q. Have you kept your wedding dress?
A. Ah yeah (true)

What weird or frustrating questions came your way after tieing the not?

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Melissa {Suger} said...

One woman asked me if it was worth it. I kind of cringed, realised that she was probably planning a wedding, a big one from the pain in her face, and said yeah. Hubby's worth it. I'm worth it. the whole piece of paper thing was totally worth it.

People are weird. Full stop!


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