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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fuck! I'm Fat Again!!

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Thursday, just gone, the red Cross Blood Mobile was outside my work.  I hadn't donated in a while and thought it would be a good idea.

So when it was time for my appointment I filled in my paperwork and waited for a chair to become available.

My time came.

I entered the van and the nurse said, hop on the scales and someone will be with you in a minute.



I had totally forgotten that you had to be weighed before donating.

Ok so I hope by now you have the idea that I REALLY didn't like the number that I saw!!

Please don't think that I have been kidding myself!  I've known the creep has been upon me the last few months, I've noticed my clothes getting tighter and my wardrobe options getting smaller, I've been tired and struggling to get out bed in the morning.  I've been a bit depressed, down on myself and comparing myself to the unattainable.

Anyway, I know the number (maybe I'll tell you one day) and have made the decision that it won't get any higher.

So even though it was Friday (and most diets start on a Monday - I'm not dieting - I'm getting off that roller coaster) I have started refocusing. I packed my walking shoes and did a walk after work (I got off the bus early and walked at lunch too), I was as selective as I could be with my food - I wasn't as good as I could have been.  Today I've made a fruit platter for grazing and picking!

Everything little thing helps!

PS - I haven't had a drink all week!!


Lyndal said...

Good on you for re focusing today (and not monday!) one step at a time, don't be too hard on yourself! Its definitely a journey.... :)

Diminishing Lucy said...

Do it and do it NOW. Whilst you are young! Do not wait until you are over 40 - it's SO SO SO much harder now that it was a few years ago! xx


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