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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Everybody's Talkin' bout it!

The draw in yesterday's AFL Grand Final (Australian Rules Football - for my international readers) and the impending re-match next weekend.

For the purposes of disclosure I must inform you that I am a (dare I say it) Collingwood supporter (we're the ones everybody loves to hate).

Everyone is talking about how disappointing it was that niether team walked away with a win or a loss and that the League needs to change the rules and so on.

I can't help but think that yesterday's result is a fantastic example of damn good ball playing, two teams of equal strength and ability played so well that a clear result couldn't be determined. the re-match rule might be a bit iffy, but geez what a superb game it was to watch!

I think the disappointment lays in the fact that people just don't know how to react and feel in this situation, there is no guidance...from a young age we are taught that's its all about winning or losing - that is despite all the cliche's that indicate the opposite.  Let's be honest no-one wants to feel that losing feeling, we want to feel that winning feeling.

But what about the feeling that comes when you know that you (or your team) have done your/their absolute best on the day! That sense of pride of knowing that you were completely physically and mentally prepared, that there was nothing else you could do!

I think all of those men involved in yesterday's game should be extremely proud of themselves and embrace the chance to try-again! How often in life do we get the chance to re-match, to correct our mistakes, to prepare just that little bit more?  How often do we get to take the taste of disappointment and turn it into something sweet!!  What about looking forward to the feeling that the winner will feel next week, knowing they have hard to work twice as hard for the glory!!

What do you wish you could do over, given the chance?

Love Andrea xx


Lucy said...

"He marks not that you won or lost, but how you played the game."

That said, if I could do stuff over, I would never have given up the sport I did as a teen. I went to uni, dropped all sport, and drank instead. I would so do that again differently.

anna said...

I wouldn't have given up on dancing when I was 16. I was winning awards and had great potential but gave up when I had to start working to help support my family.

I think there are many things in my life I'd like to do over and one of those things I might just do - as I typed this I was thinking, wow, I could really do this.

Catherine pointed me to your blog and I've been enjoying your posts!

eenni meeni me said...

When my abby was born I wish I had not stuffed myself stupid whilst breastfeeding and when she was 6 months I joined weight watchers to get back to my previous weight! Not 3.5 years later!!!


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