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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am not perfect!

After my inspirational posts of a couple of weeks ago...I have a confession to make!

I'm not perfect!

So much so that over the last fortnight I gained 1.2 kilos...although my weigher actually recorded it as 1.4 - I double checked and she just added up wrong ;-(  I don't like mistakes!!

Anyway, you will be glad to know that I haven't beaten myself up about it.  I know where I've gone wrong - booze (I've just discovered the joy of port and chocolate), not tracking, eating a little bit too much of the wrong things AND I've forgotten to do my Think Slim mantras

But I've had fun and I'm getting fitter!!

I'll say it again, for me getting the head part right is the biggest battle! And the fact that I am fairly chilled about this gain is a sign that I'm starting to win that battle!

Workwise things are on a bit of a roller-coaster, my boss resigned yesterday and isn't coming back. My other boss is leaving in December and I have a feeling the rest don't know what to do with me...its complicated to explain.  I'm trying to not spend too much energy gossiping (though I do love it) and put it into my job hunt.  I'm putting vibes out there for a redundancy, for me that's the ideal scenario - a payout and I get to leave, I'd just do some temp work until I score that dream job in PR/Communications!  Fingers crossed!

Hope all my blog friends are happy and healthy! I'll catch up on your blogs as soon as I get this uni work under control.



Debra said...

Well you're more perfect than me, cos I gained 2.6 a couple of week ago and haven't lost it ll yet. In fact, I started September at 111, went down to 110.4, up to 113, and back to 111. A non-productive, non-losing non-month!!
Hope the work thing goes the way you want it to...

eenni meeni me said...

oh yes I am hearing you on the booze front....just wish it was not so much fun..ps I hate it when the weighers at WW get it wrong. that happened to me last week!


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