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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reply to "Is This a Plateau of Sorts" by Diminishing Deb

I've just read Is This a Plateau of Sorts?? by Diminishing Deb.

She calls on me and a couple of other weight loss bloggers to shake ourselves out of it.

I definitely want to shake myself out of it, but not today. I feel a bit out of sorts today I just want to sleep, its raining, I have a headache and well it'd just be nice to hide from the world today. But I'm not - I have a uni paper to write and I have a meal plan to stick to. But hang on maybe if I just start refocusing, it'll happen and I'll feel better.

After all - the hard part is done - I'm out of bed (and dressed!)

A few things have arisen that have bumped me off path this last week or so.  One is the weather - but I can overcome that by getting myself some exercise dvd's - though I'm worried that too much thumping around on the floor might cause things to go flying!

Two is the fact that lovely boyfriend is now working more social hours - so good we get to see each other more - but we've slipped back into that trap of "couple eating" - you know the one - a block of chocolate here, a few drinks there, I don't feel like salad let's have hot dogs!  But I can fix this too! Hey, I've already written our menu plan and we've already bought the food! All we need to do is stick to it!

Three, I've got lots going on - uni end of semester work, work is a soap opera at the moment, holidays, job applications, losing weight, catching up with friends, housework..you know how it goes.

Four is a little bit harder to fix, for some reason and maybe it goes hand in hand with one, two and three,  my  previously invincible self belief has wavered. I've lost a little of my confidence.  I swing between being totally sure of myself and totally frightened being stuck and not reaching my full potential.

As I write this I feel silly, I don't think its an age thing, I'm not even sure it's a weight thing - because slim people have bouts of self doubt too, it's a me thing.  Maybe I have to write my goals down and put them where I will read them every day ( the loo!). Maybe I just have to remind myself that it would be sillier not to make any changes (or at least try), I'm sure there's a famous quote about not changing something if you're unhappy with it is being crazy (I can't remember ir right now).

Its funny how things happen - as I was looking for a pic to go with this post I found this great blog by Connie V: This Way To Joy - it seems like it was written just for me right now!! And yes I did borrow the piccie above from her


Lou said...

Hello my darling, great post. I know in my heart that you will get back that bit of self confidence that seems to have gone AWOL. You are amazing, and I find that when the doubts start to creep in the best thing to do is look back over the past year and see just how far you've come. Look at how your first posts were so drastically different to the most recent ones! You are feeling better and stronger and you will keep going from strength to strength. The last year has been a rollercoaster, but you are spending more time on the top than in the dips. As for all the other stuff that is going on and interfering with your new super self... keep it all in perspective... control what you can control! Work stuff is going to sort itself out, and the end result will be the best outcome for you.
Keep it up and stay positive lovely, and get on skype so we can have a chat!
Love you!

Carmen said...

I really, really get your number 4. It's frightening how fast the swings happen too. When you crash down into total non self belief it doesn't seem like there's any way up and there's no rhyme or reason for when it happens either.

We can do it.

Deb said...

I hope I didn't upset you with what I wrote. I was really thinking out loud about my bump in the road, and thinking of others who have been strong with me and also reaching bumps.
Dips in self-confidence are horrible. I don't think they are related to age or weight. They are part of being human I guess. I hope your bubbly, confident side emerges again soon.
Writing about my 'plateau' has made me determined to do better. I hope your blog entry is similarly helpful.
Big hugs my dear.


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