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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Finding My (Writing) Voice

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I know I know it has been a long time in between posts, but please trust me when I say I have started many a draft only to lose momentum or not really know what I want to say.

I started this blog as a weight loss blog but weight loss hasn't really been a focus of my life for the last few months.

I read all these other fabulous blogs and tell myself I will never sound as good as that. they have an opinion, they have something to say - where I still feel I am finding my way.

I want to sound original, I want to sound cool but I feel like I sound like a fake, I feel like a fool......because

I want to be validated by lots of comments and feel part of the crew.

In real life, I am hardly ever stuck for words, funny quips just flow from my tongue, I have opinions and can convey them eloquently - why can't I get them out here!

Maybe I'm overcomplicating the process and should just start writing abiut what I want to write about - but shit that's the problem I don't know what I want to write about!

Where the hell do I start?

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