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Monday, November 28, 2011

I Lost My iPhone!

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Yeah - I know can you believe it?

And it was the night before my wedding. Could have been a nightmare - but I'd written all the important numbers down!

Long story - and it all happened because I was stewing on something that really doesn't matter anymore!

I could have really lost the plot but I kind of had bigger things to think about that day.

I haven't replaced it yet, I've gone back to my old Nokia.

I really loved my iPhone, but I don't miss it so much anymore.

I've realised how much of a time zapper it is.  Since losing it I'm reading more, cooking more, writing more and being social (in person) more.

I no longer crave updating my facebook status, or checking my emails before getting out of bed.  I watch the news if I want to know what the weather is doing and I use a camera to take a photo!  I am no longer glued to "Bejeweled", "Words with Friends" or "Ebay"!

What would do a little more of and a little less of if you no longer had technology at your fingertips?

PS - As I write this I realise that I do prefer life with an iPhone and would not say no to a new one Santa ! xx

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