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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little Setback!

I gained .7 at last weeks weigh in and here's why:

1. Too much alcohol the night before - after 2 weeks of abstaining I let loose (a bit) but far out it was fun!
2. Not enough water
3. Not enough exercising - though I did get in 4 days worth
4. Lack of portion control
5. An balancing out of the big loss I had the week before

No drama, I'm not stressed about it. I feel good and like myself!

I'm just going to keep on trucking!!


Fat Girl vs. World said...

I get so frustrated when people say "I don't know why I gained." So... I'm glad we at least know why we gained.

As for .7 -- that could just be a daily fluctuation. That's not far off.

We've got this!!

NotFatJustCurvy said...

Love the positive attitude!

Catherine F. said...

Sounds so healthy - the attitude I mean. You can do anything with the attitude girl!

You've just been tagged too - if you want to join in, check my last blog post.


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