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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ten Things I Hate About Being Fat!

1. Not being able to slide through tight spaces in a crowded restaurant.

2. Shopping with regular sized girlfriends (I don't want to take them to the fat girl shops).

3. Thighs rubbing together.

4. Feeling guilty for having a treat (you know the looks we get!)

5. Stupid comments from bogans in cars while exercising (At least I'm doing something about it - losers!)

6. The fact that nothing looks sexy in a size 22 (the more lace the worse it looks!)

7.  Feeling that I never really fit in/being an outsider

8.  Worrying that I am going to be able to fit in a seat (I try to sit next to skinny people on the bus, no way two fatties can sit comfortably on those seats!)

9.  Feeling that my success as a person is measured first by my weight.

10.  Feeling like a failure when I hear of people losing weight faster than me!

What do you hate about being fat??


Deb said...

You got me thinking!! I've posted my list on my blog, and on the WW message board. Great timing too, since I've been a slacker and gained some weight lately. This has helped me re-focus.

Lucy said...

Turn it around. List all the things you LOVE about the fact that you are now LOSING fat. xxx

Andrea said...

lol Luce I love you! I knew you'd say that and that is my next installment!!

Miss Ruby said...

Meh no one likes to be big but even when we ARE big, we're still beautiful.

I heartily disagree with your number 6 - sexy is whatever you make it, whatever size. Some of the most confident AND sexy women I've seen have been bigger girls who rock bigger clothes. The key is the show off your shape [yes even at a size 22 you STILL have a shape] by wearing fitted-ish clothing, rather than baggy clothes that just make you look bigger!

Congrats on your weightloss so far, you've got a new follower!


Andrea said...

Hi and welcome Miss Ruby, I get what you're saying and totally agree with you sexy is a state of mind!!!


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