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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Running Your Own Race!

You must be hiding under a rock if you didn't realise that the Melbourne Cup was run yesterday.

All this focus on which horse would win got me to thinking about the weight loss race.

I know a lot of you will jump in and say "Andrea., its not a race, it takes how ever long it takes" or something along those and I TOTALLY agree.

I use the 'race' metaphor as I have made a couple of observations in, both, my own behaviour and that of others while on this journey. 

1. There is a tendency for people to lose weight for an occasion eg a wedding, holiday etc.
2. There is a tendency for people to want to lose weight as quickly as everyone else (I am terribly guilty of this one and am hard on myself for only losing 10.9 kgs in 30-something weeks of ww while other people have lost 20 and 30 kgs plus).

I started thinking about horses and horse racing and why they wear blinkers (yeah, I know its a little bit of a jump)?? So I looked it up and wikianswers told me that:

Horses wear blinkers because if something suddenly appears in there field of vision, their first response is to flee. When you are riding or using a horse for transportation in a public or otherwise noisy and distraction place, these are very useful, to keep your horse calm.

Well, my first response when something suddenly appears on my radar is to eat!

Wouldn't it be great, if we could have some sort of blinkers to keep us focused and on track?  Let alone a jockey on our back telling us to go faster!! Hang on a minute...I am carrying a jockey around - well at least the weight one!!

Hope you all had a great day and don't mind my babble too much!!

1 comment:

Catherine F. said...

We've almost identical weight loss in the time!

Really liked your "jump" about blinkers. Something to keep me focused, eyes straight ahead, steadfast, calm and balanced. Do you reckon they'd make them in navy blue? Or would they look a bit weird on us? That'd be a bit of a laugh to see all these weight challenged people walking around with blinkers on!


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