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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Singing My Own Praises!

I have been so good this week!

I have crawled out of bed at 5.15-5.30am and taken myself on a 30-40 minutes four times already this week! My mission is 6 mornings!

I feel fantastic! And my eneregy seems to last all day!

My eating hasn't been too shabby either....AND not a drop of alcohol! (the pic is from a party a couple of years ago - can you believe there were 3 other ladies wearing the same dress as me tres embarassing!)

Come on weight loss gods you have to shine on me this week ;-)

PS - Come on guys help Lucy get 50 links on her wonderful Fat to Fit Blog hop!!


Ali said...

What a fantastic effort hun! You are covering all bases to get weight loss so I hope you get a good number. Those otehr physical benefits of having more energy are fantastic!!! Keep going hun, So proud of you x

ladyofthehouse said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog from the blog hop.
Sounds like you are having a great week! When we exercise it does give us energy thoughout the day-it's great.
Haven't been getting it in while I've been sick this week. This too will pass.
Hope the rest of your week goes equally great!!
diane :)

Wanderlust said...

Congratulations! Very impressed that you can get up so early to exercise. Keep going!!


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