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Friday, March 4, 2011

Everybody's Favourite Topic......Budgets

 I started a new job last week and with the now weekly pay packet (I'm contracting) I thought it would be a great time to put together a new household budget, plus we need to start some joint saving goals etc.

Most of our bills are fixed amounts but as you all probably know its the grocery spend that can throw things out. Some weeks we spend a hideous amount and some weeks we can hardly spend anything.

So here I am to pick your thoughts and see what you think is a reasonable amount for a DINKY (double income no kids yet)  household to spend on groceries each week in suburban Australia. 

This does not include eating out (that's a separate part of the budget)....and please bear in mind I'm not very good at the two minute noodle thing.  I am thinking that $100 a week should see us through - our pantry is pretty well stocked! 

Please share your thoughts...is $100 excessive or not enough?  Also welcome are any penny saving ideas!!

Image borrowed from http://sundayafternoonhousewife.com/does-your-craft-business-have-a-budget/


zanyzana said...

Hey Andrea, I'm hopeless at budgetting, and have no idea what we spend per week on groceries, but I've just had a great idea (well, I think it's great!) How about you check out the prices of what you normally buy online and work out your average for a month (because you don't always buy cleaning products) and divide it by 4?? Good luck, anyway!

Alby Fat to Fit said...

When i was single i used to spend 100 buck a week so if you can do it for two of you thats pretty good. Now we are a full time family of 3, part time of 4 (have my partners son every second weekend) and I spend 450 a fortnight on food. 200 for the week there is 3 of us and 250 the week there is 4. although this includes nappies and formula (30 bucks a fortnight). we dont go without anything or need for anything really. admittidly i could do it for less!

Lucy said...

I do $250 a fortnight online on goceries, and $80 a fortnight on fruit and veg, and approx $100 a fortnight on meat. So $430 a fortnight or $215 a week.

For a family of five with a dog...

Andrea said...

Thanks everyone, it's bloody expensive to eat isn't it. Great tips that I'll definitely use x

Bec's Adventure said...

This lady's website is wonderful. Her budget planner takes into account your income and tells you the % you should be spending everything in your life


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