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Monday, August 9, 2010

Living for The Weekend

I had one of the best weekend's ever, this weekend just gone!

My lovely boyfirend and I finally got to spend a whole weekend together!  We packed our bags and headed to the Ekka - the Brisbane Exhibition or annual show/fair for those not local to Queensland!

We had a total blast - well I did! I didn't eat very much junk - 1 Dagwood Dog and 1 ice-cream and boy did we walk. Both of us had sore legs yesterday!  Yesterday we took future mother-in-law for Yum Cha and wine in the sun by the river!

It was just awesome to spend some time together!!

Me and A Lovely Llama
Lovely Boyfriend and Beer
Ekka View
Spare a thought for this boy -1332 kilos!!


Jess said...

It's not the ekka without a dagwood dog!

Hope you stay healthy! Everytime I go I get sick!!! : )

Tricia said...

great pics, thanks for sharing!

CJ said...

Great pics! Looks like a fun day!

Hey I have an award for you at me blog :)


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