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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishy Washy

I have been very wishy washy with my weight loss efforts this week which means I'm not sure how weigh in is going to go.

I'm putting it down to my awesome and busy weekend, because I didn't make time to plan my menu and exercise for this week!

I've only exercised a couple of times - walking and a bike ride (is a public holiday today so we jumped on and went for a ride by the water this morning), but my eating hasn't been great. We went to dinner and then a party last night....even though I was full from dinner, I kept picking at the chips...normally I would try and stay as far away as possible from them, but it was a party where I didn't know anyone so safely stayed in one spot!

Oh well onwards and upwards - I know what I need to and think I will weigh-in on Saturday again as this gives me a couple of days to make amends as well as means I have a full week between weigh-ins (I normally go on Thursday, but didn't last week).


Deb said...

I think there are certain foods we should never sit or stand near and chips is one of them! I physically move them or myself so I can't reach them. Had to do the same thing today at our meeting where there was a bowl of Funsize choc bars. It was right in front of me so I handed it to someone and asked them to put it down the other end of the table. I don't think I'll ever get over the need to reach out and grab stuff that I shouldn't have! If I move it away straight away, I'm ok, but if I think about it or procrastinate, I can talk myself into eating it. WHY???
I feel like I have an illness or addiction that will never go away, but I can control it sometimes.
Llove the photo of the llovely llama!!

CJ said...

Somedays are bad!! But I guess its always going to be food vs us war

Keep going strong


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