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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mind Body and Soul

I have been using this peaceful, quiet Sunday morning to undertake some inner reflection and consider the mental blockages that might be limiting my weight loss and self love efforts.

I know I have issues.

I know my weight is a security blanket, protecting me from getting too close and therefore getting hurt.

I struggle to visualise myself being slim, I struggle to believe that I deserve it, I struggle to even like myself.

It doesn't just affect my health, but my relationships too!

I'm thinking about enlisting some professional help - therapy, kinesiology or something like that.

Has anyone given things like this a go? What are your thoughts?


Lucy said...

Do it. You have nothing to lose (apart from weight) and everything to gain.

Go to your GP and get him to refer you to a phychologist on the Medicare Mental Health Plan. You are entitled to at least 6 sessions of counselling for free.

And all that aside, the believing youu can be slim, and being able to visualise it, it IS REALLY HARD. Google Face In Hole and have a play? That may help......

Andrea said...

Thanks Lucy - has been a major factor in putting it off!


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