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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi everyone!

I was all ready to post today about the amazing Wipeout that I was expecting at weigh in today.

In terms of eating and exercise last week I had a pretty slack one!  No tracking, only a couple of short walks, we ate out for lunch and dinner nearly every day and I had whatever I wanted - wine, cocktails, chips, pizza, chocolate, ice-cream! Also I felt a bit blue this week, a bit like life is passing me by - I am very much head down with exam revision right now. I also had an incident which resulted in me not being very proud of my behaviour!

But alas, I had a loss!

I'm at a loss!

700g gone to be precise ..... AND I wore jeans and a belt to weigh in, I thought it was going to be bad so wanted to be warm rather than light!

Anyway in preparation for bad news today, I sat down last night and worked out that I need to put some time aside today for refocusing on my weight loss goals, putting last week behind me and concentrating on menu planning, exercising, getting some motivational bits and pieces in my face and practicing the Think Slim techniques some more - which I am still going to do as I don't want the frustration of seeing this week's damage on next weeks scales!

My goal for my first five kilos gone was a lovely jewellery box which only came back into stock this week - so I picked it up this morning - piccie below:

I also promised a pic of my lovely man and I at last week's wedding - I so need a hair cut!

I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things! What are you focusing on this week?


LizH, said...

Looking good and happy Andrea,

You must have done something right that you are not giving yourself credit for!

Great loss 700g! last nights refoccussing will set you up for further success this week

What a beautiful recognition of your first goal the jewelery box is.

Have a great week ahead

Adalita said...

A lovely surprise. I hate it when you are all ready for a major gain and you get floored by the total opposite. Don't take this next week for granted. Plan, Plan and track!

Good luck!

Deb said...

Wow!! I want your diet!
Hope it doesn't bite you in the bum next week - keep on track and take it as a gift!

Lucy said...

Great news!

And I am glad the Thik Slim stuff is inspiring.

And I am reall6y glad you are looking forward to getting back into it!

Ali said...

Awesome work. I love it when that happens. My plan this week is to increase my exercise seeming i am forming good habits with eating. I have been neglecting the 'calories out' part of my program and need to focus on that. Didnt do a lot this week. Going to try and start the C25K program to help me with my fitness. Good luck this week, stay focused and look forward to following your progress. :)


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