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Friday, June 4, 2010


Sh*t! I feel like SH*T!

I have eaten way too much tonight. Work social function and I just went out of control!

I can hardly move and I want to throw up!

F*ck! Sh*t! What happened to everything I have learned!  Now I'm really sh*tting myself before weigh in tomorrow!

Why can't I be more like my weight loss heroes - Lucy, Deb, Trisha and Lindsay!!


Lucy said...

OK, breath & chill.

No one is perfect, least of all me.

We all do dumb stuff.


Drink plenty of water, go to bed, weigh in tomorrow, learn from it, and do not hold onto any guilt.

Hugs. xx

Deb said...

But you ARE like me. Cos I've done the same thing. I put on 1kg recently due to poor choices. I lost it again too - and so will you.
We have made a lot of poor food choices over the years to get to where we are. How can we possibly expect to suddenly make 100% perfect choices??
Tomorrow is a new day. Use it wisely. Weigh in. Take whatever number it gives you, then get back on track for the week.
((HUGS)) my friend.

Carmen said...

Good advice from the girls above. I did the same this week too. Funeral and wake = comfort food. I STS you just might too - even if you don't this is the start of a new week. Fresh slate, begin again. You've done so well this far, focus on that not one day :)


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