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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Longest Journey in WW History

Sometimes, especially on days like today, I feel like my weight loss journey must be the longest in weight watchers history! It has taken me since February 2010 to lose 12.1 kilos! i can't help but think that I should be down at least 20 kilos more than this.

Yeah you guessed it - I gained again! A kilo this time.

I know that I didn't exercise enough - that was weather driven, but I need to get over that and find some alternatives!  I know that I drank too much alcohol and ate too much crap, actually I ate too much in general.

Sometimes I think that I don't take this commitment to myself seriously enough, that I get too caught up in a moment or evening and stop thinking about what is going into my mouth.

Don't get me wrong I'm not down on myself, I'm still pretty proud of what I have achieved thus far and I do feel good.

I need to refocus again - set some new goals - health and otherwise.  I need some encouragement and most of all I just need to get back to basics.  Write my menu plan in advance each week, keep up the running and kick this 15 kilo goal in the butt!!

But most of all I have to keep believing that I am bloody well worth it!!

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Lucy said...

If it is 12 kg LOST in 12 months, then that is better gaining 12kg in a year?

You weigh less every single month.

If you lose another 12 kg next year (and it really IS ok to be that "slow") then that is ANOTHER 2 dress sizes down at least.

Tortoise, or hare?

CJ said...

Since starting to lose weight in Jan this year, I have lost abt 5 kilos, gained it back and trying to lose it all again. 12 kilos is better than you think :)

Lou said...

you've reached that dreaded plateau when it gets harder to loose... I've kept myself away from that by not loosing more than 3kgs in the same space of time! You are doing amazingly and you will continue to do so, with the weather being nice and warm it should be even easier! Start swimming, get out for a lovely warm walk first thing - and if you have cut down the food so far, cut it a bit more... You are amazing, and I love you too much!


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