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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Changing My Beliefs

As most of you know I recently went to a workshop run by my favourite motivational man Craig Harper.

It has taken me about a week to sit down and really start processing what spoke about and working out what it means to me.

Craig spoke about many thought provoking topics that were all linked to our desire to change and to have an exceptional life, which I will no doubt speak about here over the coming days and weeks. 

What really rang true for me is how we create our reality based on our beliefs and references (experiences) and to change our beliefs we need to create new experiences and reference points - we need to reset our default settings.

I have spent the last week thinking particularly about this notion and how I can apply this to me.  Well its all very well to say to someone to create new experiences, but what about the times in our past when we have already done some pretty exceptional things - I think recalling these events is a pretty powerful of shaping our self belief, but we often forget them or play them down!!

The first few things that come to my mind are - bungy jumping (I tell myself that I couldn't do it now - but I think I should!!!), moving from country-town Tasmania to live and work on a beautiful Whitsunday Island at 19, packing up my life and moving to the UK for two years!  While I didn't know it at the time all of these experiences changed me in  many ways, some huge some small - and I look back on these times with pride, but they meant getting out of my comfort zone - that's where the secret lies!

So as you know my current desire is to change the state of my health and my weight.  They are only going change if I change my behaviour AND my beliefs.  So instead of referring to my default settings I'm going to recall the times where I got uncomfortable, where I didn't give in to the nasty self talk, laziness or fear and I'm going to create myself some new experiences (sexy lingerie was a good starting point)!  I'm going to stop letting my mind get in the way and do things that make my body feel great!!

Change Beliefs = Change Behaviour = Change Body!!

I want and I CAN BE smoking hot!! Look out, you might burn yourself!


Maxabella said...

It sounds like that workshop was amazing. I'm looking forward to reading more about it. x

zanyzana said...

Sounds like you had a light bulb moment! I love those, it's even better when the light doesn't go out. So, keep it switched on and find the reprogramming through your own experiences and challenges you've succeeded in!

Mel said...

Yep, no matter how much you exercise or eat well, if you're not in the right headspace you're doomed to fail! I only know this 'cause I haven't worked out my headspace yet.
Sounds like it was a great workshop.


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