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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello Success, Come On In.....

Hello Success, come on in, stay a while - actually stay as long as you like!

Yes readers I had a win this week!! I lost 1.9 kilos this week taking my total to 13.3 kilos gone forever!!

What did I do right??

I planned my meals in advance.
I consumed no alcohol (antibiotics help with that!)
I didn't exercise but I did as much incidental exercise as I possibly could
I ate lots of fruit
I ate Icy Poles (1 pt)
I drank LOTS of water
I had two squares of chocolate and gave away the rest
I ordered a half serve of chips at the fish and chip shop rather than the stated minimum!!

No need to say it but I'm going to - I FEEL FANTASTIC!

Double figures here I come!!

1 comment:

Adalita said...

Awesome work Andrea, I lost 400g this week. 3 more kg to go! I am doing tonnes of exercise and probably need to drink more water. I'm loving the fruit though!
Keep up the great work, I'm cheering you on!
Love Adalita


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