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Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 Things I Love (plus one)

1. My boyfriend (Alex)
2. My family
3. My friends (especially Mel, Lou & Dea)
4. My fur-babies (Fanta & Zeus)
5. Sleeping in (got a big one today -10am!!)
6. Reading a good book (the ones where your life feels empty when you've finished)
7. Running into people you know when you least expect it (this could also be on a hate list depending on how one looks at the time!)
8. Cooking for other people (yum yum!)
9. The feeling you get after exercise!
10. Being Happy!!
11. Being Me!!

I didn't really feel like writing today but I have a massive fan base of 13 now and I want to keep you all happy!  I have had a really lazy day and feel so good for it, though I did go to the market for fruit and veg! Was in a bit of a nothing mood, but had a quick chat with Mel who I broke the news of Paul Weller touring again to and she is so excited; her energy has perked me up, as has listing the things that I love. So going for a walk to shops to get the ingredient I forgot while doing my big shop yesterday - god I hope IGA stock the light version!! Have a great day everyone!

PS - Alex did a wonderful thing last night! On our way home form dinner I suggested we do our usual and call into Baskin Robbins for a treat. He said "I think they might be closed", I said "Why don't we drive past and check?", he said "Why don't we just pretend its closed and go straight home", I said "Great idea!!". 


Lucy said...

He is a keeper........

Belinda said...

Hey Andrea, your list is great!I especially like number 6. I've always felt that people thought I am weird when I say that so it is good to know someone else who feels the same way. I also like the 'What I'm reading' thing on your page. How did you do that? I'd love to put one on mine. I have the last book that you had up there but haven't read it yet. When I finish my current book I might give it a go.
I'm glad you wrote today, I've been trawling the blogs but there isn't many updates.

What Alex did last night was really sweet. oh, and I'm a Paul Weller fan too. Well, used to be anyway, only have the one cd and haven't listened to it for ages. Sunflower was my fav.
good luck with your week's goals.

Deb said...

I agree with your list except for:
-I love MY husband, not your boyfriend LOL
-I don't love animals. Grew up on a farm with dogs and cats, but have never wanted to own one. My favourite animal would be a cow!

Totally agree about the books. Will have to add that Book Gadget to mine. Recently finished the series by Sara Donati re life in the Wilderness in Eastern USA in the 1700's. Not highbrow stuff - but enjoyed all 6 books

Belinda said...

Ooh we could have a bookclub! I'm reading Wanting by richard Flanagan. So far it is great. I don't want to go to work tomorrow, could happily stay at home and read. I had to wait until I had done some reading for work - had to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird to teach to year 10 this term. There is a reason that book is a classic! Was also trying to read Mrs Dalloway for year 11 but couldn't get through it in time. Deb, I don't know of the series you speak of, but sounds interesting.


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