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Monday, July 19, 2010

Seeking Alternatives

I'm looking for alternatives.

Alternative things to say when I'm in situations where I have to explain this journey that I'm on without sounding like a d*ck!

What's got me thinking?

I've got  a week long work conference coming up and we all know that usually means night time drinking and socialising. I want to socialise but not have the big nights. I want to get up for walks in the morning and I know the topic will come up.

In "Think Slim" by Mark Stephens he argues against thinking and talking in terms of "losing" weight because it has connotations of finding it again. 

I want to say something funny, firm, but positive too!

What can you suggest?


Lulu said...

Nothing wrong with saying "I'm a morning person, I'll be up early for a walk if you'd like to join me".

If they annoy you too much, look down at them like they are a bunch of alcoholics...

You can always excuse yourself to go to the ladies and not return.

Don't worry about what they might say/think - not everyone wants to party like a nutbag.

Fat Girl vs. World said...

I have a date with destiny in the morning!

Andrea said...

I love it FGVW - I'm definitely using that one!!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

Well people give me crap when I say I don't want to drink -- like i'm some judgmental teetotaler. I just have other goals in life that are way more important than a buzz.

Linda said...

I don't want this to come out sounding righteous, because it's something I struggle with too... but I want to know why we just can't say "No thanks".



Fat Girl vs. World said...

I think people see it as a challenge when someone declines an invite to a good time out -- like they need to be encouraged.

rhea said...

hey dudette,

i just found your blog and i'm lovin' it! i have struggled with the same problem in regard to peers and coworkers expressing confusion or negative peer pressure when it comes to my healthy journey. i usually stand up and announce that i'm heading out and STAND MY GROUND (this has been difficult for me, historically)! if i feel squirmy from comments, i just remind myself how good i'll feel after my morning workout. plus- and this is especially true if drinks are flowing- your coworkers probably won't even give you a hard time or even remember that it was an issue after you've been gone for a few minutes! i've found it helpful to remind myself that it's most likely a bigger deal to me than to anyone else.
if all else fails, point to a far-off point and say, "look, they're giving out free cases of patron!" and sprint off into the sunset in the other direction.

good luck!

Andrea said...

Thanks Guys, great food for thought and I will definitely use some of those tactics. I figure too that if I do some exercise before dinner (if the agenda allows) that sets the tone of what I'm about! I think I'll only feel self-conscious about it the first time anyway then everyone will be cool!

Andrea said...

PS - Welsome Rhea, I look forward to swapping more comments and encouragement with you soon xx


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