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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hmmm...not sure....

Normally today is weigh in day for me so Saturday morning is my day of truth this week!

I went to a function tonight!
A function where I ate four pieces of pizza and one chocolate biscuit when I got home! God I hope I haven't undone all my good work!

My eating has been pretty good all week, I have been drink sh*t loads of water and avoiding all bad stuff as much as I can!  I've even noticed that I've stopped scoffing and am starting to recognise when I'm full and stop eating (some of the time).

I've walked for 50 minutes to an hour 3 nights this week!

I guess its last chance training for me tomorrow and some serious praying to the weight loss gods!


Lucy said...

Hanging out to see you you went. You sould positive. That is good.

By the way, are you listening to the Think Slim stuff?

Andrea said...

Thanks Lucy will update you asap - I haven't downloaded it yet - still having pc issues!


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