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Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank You

Hi All,

Thank you so much for your lovely, supportive comments on my last post. I was a bit unsure about posting it because it was a bit raw.

Your feedback made me realise that my thought patterns really have started to change and I don't feel so much like that anymore.

My body is amazing and all I have to do is point it in the right direction, feed it clean fuel, make sure it moves regularly, gets a good clean out now & then and show it some love and attention.....I think up until now I've treated my car better than my body!

I'm sure you'll all agree that the mental part of this trip is the hardest and so many things try to steer of us course...what are your tips for staying mentally strong?


Lucy said...

This has been and continues to be the hardest part of the battle for me. I do as much training of my mind as I workout on my body.

Think Slim helps me.

I am convinced that you MUST truly BELIEVE that you will get to your desired end result. Otherwise your brain will constantly cheat you.

Deb said...

I swear the weight issue is 40% food and 60% what's in my head. Luckily I don't suffer from depression which I find is a common issue on the WW boards. That must make it SO much harder.
I just started writing a long reply to you, but I'm going to turn it into a new post on my blog. Come and find it soon!! Thanks for the motivations.


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