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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Morning 3am

Well it's not really Wednesday Morning 3am, but I do like to use song titles as my blog titles.

The working week is half over - hooray!

Weigh-in tomorrow! How will I go? Well I have been doing all the right things, counting points, walking every day and drinking lots of water.  I could have a big loss, but could have a small one - I wouldn't be surprised after decent losses the last two weeks.

On a lazy note, I'm loving masterchef and can't wait for Glee - The Power of Madonna tomorrow and am loving my current read - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!


Lucy said...

It'll be a good loss. Believe. (Next week might be ordinary. Just push through.)

Lucy said...

And please please please can you join in here for me? xx


Don't think it...Do it! said...

Good luck!
I don't get the Glee phenomena! It is just a bit too strange, strange people, strange story lines, strange ads!
But anyone singing Madonna...and the classics...love that! :)


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