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Friday, May 7, 2010

Confused, Conflicted, Confident

I appraoched last night's WW Weigh In with confidence, I was feeling great and thought that my clothes were starting to look a bit better...but those damn scales...they betrayed me! They screamed a gain of 300g (yes I know its could have been a wee!) but the scales at home had indicated a loss of at least 400g!  I thought maybe the scales at home were wrong but again this morning they indicated a loss!  That's why I'm confused....I really need to start taking some measurements!

At the time I didn't know whether to laugh or cry but in the light of morning after a wonderful nights sleep...I have it all in perspective, am feeling confident and looking forward to another big loss next week. I know deep down that I wasn't completely spot on with my eating last week and am going to improve in the following areas:
  • No midnight snacking with my darling when he comes home from work (points after 10pm still count)
  • Eat more filling foods
  • Make some zero point soup so I can have that when I get home from my walk, have dinner later and hopefully this will cut the need to nibble later.
  • Cut out carbs after 5pm (except sweet potato)
  • Walk 40 minutes 5 times this week
  • No alcohol
I'm aiming to lose another 5kgs by my birthday (1st week of June) and we have a family wedding the week after and I would love to fit into an old favourite for that!!

PS - Lucy I will jump onto you blog hop tonight xx


Lucy said...

Clear sighted sweets, well done!

moonduster said...

Don't let the scales get you down. Usually our Wii Fit weighs me the same as the scales at my Slimming World meetings, but occassionally the Slimmin World scales are off by half a pound or so. It usually evens back out later.

Finding My Weigh said...

I hate when the difference between my home scale and the WW scale changes! It used to be about 2lbs heavier at home and now it seems like it's even. Not a nice surprise when I get there!

Good list of things to work on. I've set a rule that I can't snack after 8pm. I was getting so bad! :)

Following you from the Fat to Fit Blog Hop.


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