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Friday, September 17, 2010

Eye of the Tiger!

I feel like Rocky tonight!

Because tonight I fought some major demons.

You know the ones...

Like the one that tell you not to go for a walk, to go straight home and worry about it tomorrow!  The other one was trying to tell me not to worry about cooking dinner tonight, it's Friday, you're supposed to have takeaway!


I said and went for one of my best ever walks....oh and by the way, slipped a wee bit of running too!


I said again and cooked up chicken and vegies instead of piling up on fish and chips.

At the shops another Demon tried it on..."mmmm should get some chocolate for dessert its 3 bars for $5 - cheap as". You know what....I walked away with my chicken and cat food and had the loveliest dinner, I feel deliciously sleepy  from my run/walk and rather chuffed with myself and the decision I made tonight!!

I'm just a girl and her will to survive!!


Lucy said...

Are you still reading they keys?

Looks like something is working well! xx

Don't think it...Do it! said...

Well done! I wish I could have said "Back off!"
Instead, when my dog looked at me, begging for a walk, I cleaned out the book case.
And when take out came calling, I dialled pizza.

Oh bugger!
But I am paying for it now, I have a terrible bloated belly and a little bit gassy, down there! OOOHHH!
Will I learn? I hope so! I want to be Rocky like you!!!

Amelia said...

Way to go!

I was at the grocery store yesterday and walked away from a carrot cake that was screaming 'hey!,im over here'. There is something so empowering about walking away from something that is calling you! So empowering indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I found your blog on Lucy's blog hop :)
This was so amazing to read! I always feel like a rockstar after I do something I know was good for me. Really, it's so easy after you get the motivation to make the right choice.
I'll be following your progress! Best of luck conquering your future demons :D


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