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Thursday, September 16, 2010

On a Roll...but not a Chiko Roll!!!

By gosh, I think I'm getting it!

I'm finally starting to get this weight loss lark!

This week I am down another 1.6 kilos. Taking me to a total of 12.7 that has gone so far!!

I received my 10% award today too. And I just realised that I'm 25% to goal!!

But the best rewards are:

1. I am really starting to like myself
2. I am feeling more confident
3. My skin is glowing
4. I am sleeping better
5. I am getting more done
6. I am happier
7. My thinking is more positive
8. I can sit cross legged on the floor
9. My libido is coming back
10. Realising that I AM worth it!

Thank you again my online cheer squad!!


Finding The Thin Within said...

Found you through the blog hop! YAY FOR LIBIDO! =) That is one thing I would love to have back. =)

<3 Katie

Anonymous said...

Liking yourself, being happier and being more positive will be a big help in reaching your goals!

Visiting via the Fat To Fit blog hop.

Lucy said...

1.6?! Oh my, that is fantastic! What are you doing, to get such good losses??!

Lucy said...

1.6?! Oh my, that is fantastic! What are you doing, to get such good losses??!

Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

Wow wee! Congratulations. A massive loss.

And as far as good skin, confidence and libido goes... All good news! :o)

eenni meeni me said...

Way to go!!! Wow I lost 0.9 this last week and I was stoked and I am keep fingers crossed I make it into the 1kg lose this coming week! please blog about what you did differently so I can copy you!!! ha keep up the great work ; -)

eenni meeni me said...

ps I am a MASSIVE fan of Mad men too!!


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