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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brisbane - It's Going to Hurt Today!!

My town is going to hurt today. My state is already hurting!

Its just so sad and devestating!! People have already lost their lives and dozens are missing!

If you can help - please go here here!

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Lou said...

So terrible to see my friend! For a place known for being dry for so long to be so inundated all at once! I see a lot of Aussies are 'liking' the police services on FB. It might seem strange, to put it into 'real life' terms - but think about those guys out there breaking their backs to help everyone affected, that kind of support and belief must be spurring them on even more! Kind of like how X-Factor 'Xmas No1' didn't make No1 last year cause FB caused it to be Rage Against the Machine - ha ha! the Power of technology!
Love you my friend, all will be well!


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