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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm So Excited...and I Just Can't Hide It!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I just wanted to share a few things that I have done over the last few days that have given me a real buzz!

1. I've booked in for a workshop run by my favourite motivational website host Craig Harper called "Stop F*cking Around" , its on the 12th of Feb which is ideal timing for me as I'm finishing work at the end of Jan!!  Fellow Queenslanders if you want to go the early bird special ends today so get in quick!!

2. I've started running again, well interval training using Podrunner Intervals so I can work my way up to 5kms.  Even though I hadn't reached the weight loss goal that I had in mind I bought a new pair of shoes anyway - I deserve them and they are awesome (just like me!!) I hope you like them!

3. I've started telling people at work (the ones who I don't want to hear it on the grapevine) that I am leaving, while I do have moments of serious self-doubt, being able to verbalise the reasons why is so amzingly powerful.  Of course I have talked to my man and friends about it but its really only those people who experience the same frustrations that can fully understand and reinforce that I am doing the right thing!

4. I only gained 300g over the holiday period!! Stoked!!

5. I managed to get some washing dry!!

So I figure that as I get my health and weight heading in the right direction, my confidence and energy are going to soar and with the help of the workshop I believe that 2011 is going to be the start of an amazing and awesome life for me!!!

Who wants to come for the ride??


Tricia said...


Adalita said...

Awesome Andrea, those shoes look awesome I too am trying to run 5km again.

Jess said...

I haven't read any of Craig Harper's books... what ones do you recommend? The seminar sounds very interesting, but I can't justify spending that much at the moment :( :( :(
You'll have to let us all know how it goes!!!

I really want to actually jog/run the WHOLE Bridge to Brisbane this year (the 5km one)... so I'm thinking about using the Podrunner app I downloaded like eons ago!

Jess xxx


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