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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Charity Begins at Home!

I am doing a PR assignment which requires me to write a campaign to raise the profile (within the community) of a small, local organisation that assists people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  I am in the research phase of the project and it got me to thinking - so thought I'd make a shout out here!

Do you regularly support (finacially or physically) any charities or community groups?

What do you do?  Who do you support?

How do you decide which charity or community group you support?

What charity events do you like to attend?

If you don't, what makes you choose not to?

Image found at - http://officialmissionaustralia.blogspot.com/2010/07/media-release-mission-australia-to-roll.html


Catherine F. said...

Hey chookie! We support the UNHCR on a monthly basis by donation because of their help of refugees in dire need. We also support AVAAZ, an organisation geared toward making a positive impact on specific issues (eg. recently donated to help people in Syria in the middle of the uprising, continue to reach people in the west with news unfiltered by the govt media).

Drop me an email if you want to chat more ...

We don't tend to attend a lot of charity events simply because with a young family we are time poor. Also, I don't feel comfortable eating into profits that would be better spent directly (hence I hate things like the MS Society raffles for cars - would rather donate the money direct).

Marlee said...

Oh this is fantastic! I try to be a huge advocate for the homeless where I live. I'm a grad student finishing my master's in mental health counseling, and right now I work at our local psychiatric hospital. I'd say a good 30% of our patients are homeless, and a good 80% of our homeless have a SEVERE mental illness.

Many of them truly can't help themselves. Good for people like you to stick up for them!!


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