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Friday, April 30, 2010

I Love That Losing Feeling!

Quick update guys - I blizted it at weigh in last night!  1.7 kg GONE!!!

Woo-hoo!! Not only did I smash my 5 kg goal, but I reached my first 5% goal too!!

Yippee - shopping for rewards presents today!

Will post progess shots tonight!

Love to you all! Mwah ;-)


Jess said...


Don't think it...Do it! said...

Well Done Andrea!
That is a huge amount!
What are you getting your self??!!

Kayla said...

Well done!! Isnt it nice reaching those milestones. Makes all the struggling worthwhile.

Andrea said...

Thanks Guys!

@ Don't think it...Do it! - I was planning on buying this lovely jewellery box but the shop had sold out so have it orders. But did buy a special measuring spoon from Wheel & Barrow!

Lucy said...

Yayayyayayyayay! Well done! Fantastic stuff!

Belinda said...

Congratulations, Andrea! It is a wonderful feeling, isn't it!

Carmen said...

Congratulations :D Hope you got some fabulous rewards ;)

I'm hoping to have my first incentive reward next week if I hit 14lbs. Unfortunately for my incentive I have chosen a highly fattening meal out. But I reckon you have to treat youself now and then right? Or am I just totally wrong :P


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