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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thank you for your great comments guys, you've really spurred me on! I think I'm just getting used to the sound of my own (blogging) voice, its a bit like when you hear yourself on a recording or something and your voice sounds completely different to the one in your head (he he!) - When I hear myself on tape I think what an Ocka (sp?), while in my head I'm very well spoken and articulate!  Alas, we are our own worst critics!

Weigh-in today! Feeling a bit nervous as I really really really want to reach my first mini-goal today! So trying to focus on work and going shopping afterwards to buy a pressie for my friend who is having a baby today!

I loved your comment Deb, about being able to use words like wanker here, what other words do you guys like to use that are a bit colourful?


Lucy said...

Fuckwit. Not you. I just like it. It trips off the tongue so well.

And my other one is "oh for fucks sake"

Lovely husband always says "Jeeze woman, for a posh tart, you swear like a navvy" Ha!

Lou said...

Lucy, I hear you on fuckwit, one of my faves too! 'Shit and Flaming disaster' is another!

loving your voice hon, you owe me a loooong mail! love you

Belinda said...

Yep, I'm a fan of "oh for fuck's sake" and "I don't give a flying fuck" - not even sure what that last one means! lol

Lulu said...

FFS! is an all time fave. New fave is fucktard. Shit on a Stick is used fairly often and if I'm feeling really bogan "I don't give a fat rats arse"....but that one is usually under my breath.

Andrea said...

Mine is 'shit fuck', it even became known at my last work as a 'shit fuck' moment!! Oh I love 'cock sucker' - lucky I something else instead of sucker hehe!

Andrea said...

Hey Louie - good to hear from - yes I know and am saving the weekend to write properly to you and working out skype! My lappie broke so am using Alex's until I can afford new one xx


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