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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Sunday

Feeling very proud of myself this morning as I managed to overcome the voices in my head and haul my lardy...oops I meant lovely butt out of bed and into the fabulous sunshine for a good half hour walk.  And you know what...I'm still alive and I feel great!! The snottiness has started to subside and my head is feeling clear again!  Aside from that I'm planning another lovely, relaxed day - reading and dvd's then meeting some friends for drinks and dinner later, I figure I may as well make the most of having a house to myself...when/if kids come along that'll all change!!

Last night was great I caught up with a girlfriend I hadn't seen for ages! Her kids are almost grown up now but somehow we seem to be a similar point in life still.  We shared a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers, I wasn't hungry after that so figured that I didn't need any dinner, I'd stick to water and a piece of toast if needed. My plan was going fine until darling husband came home from work early with a bag full of evil Maccy D's! The sweet thing thought some comfort food would make me feel better and of course I can't let him down!! As supportive as he is sometimes we still have some re-training to do!!


Belinda said...

You can make up for the Macca's during the week, and yes enjoy your clean house now! I started making my children help me with the washing up today. I figure at 9 and 5 they are ready. The 9 yr old dries and the 5 year olds puts ( most of it) away. We did this at breakfast and dinner tonight, it made my life so much easier!
Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Lou said...

Hello honey! So glad I get to see what you're up to on here. You're still a true inspiration to me, and when studying is done, I will be blogging along with you!
Am onto the third book of the Millenium series, first one was a little tough to begin with, the second was amazing, and I have big hopes for the third one! Love and miss you stax, do you have skype? would be great to chat face to face if you do... love you lots. Lou


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